What is the ACTS Parish Ministry?

The ACTS parish ministry strives to assist members of the parish community to attain a deeper relationship with our Lord and with fellow parishioners using the principles of: Adoration, the need for prayer and meditation on the word of God, Community, the importance of community built on faith and love, Theology, the need to read and understand scripture and our Catholic Faith, and Service, the need to answer Christ’s call to servanthood.

The ACTS parish ministry goals focus first, on assisting the parish clergy with parish administration and spiritual formation; second, on facilitating weekend lay retreats for the parishioners using the ACTS retreat format; third, on the spiritual development, service orientation, and community building among parishioners and coordination of such activities with other parish groups.

The ACTS parish ministry is supported and governed by the pastor and composed of a core group of 10 – 12 parishioners (5 – 6 men; 5 – 6 women) who have attended an ACTS retreat and are committed to maintaining the integrity and uniformity of the ACTS program. ACTS Missions will make available time-tested materials to assist the pastor and the core group in forming and administering the parish ministry. It will also provide education and training to ensure that the integrity and uniformity of the ACTS program and its processes are maintained by the parish.