What is ACTS

ACTS is a parish centered program to evangelize a parish community. The ultimate goal of the ACTS program is to develop an ACTS parish ministry using the time-tested ACTS retreat format.

The ACTS program, developed jointly by ACTS Missions – Texas and the San Antonio Archdiocese, is designed to bring parishioners into a closer relationship with our Lord and the parish community and develop a core group to administer an ACTS parish ministry. The program started in 1987 and is now used by parishes in over 50 dioceses in 28 states and 7 countries. It should be noted that the most successful and sustained ACTS program results when the parish clergy have also attended an ACTS retreat.

ACTS Missions is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed for spreading the ACTS program wherever the Holy Spirit directs it and is charged with the responsibility of maintaining the integrity and uniformity of the ACTS program, retreat and its processes.

ACTS Missions and the San Antonio Archdiocese own the trademark and copyright rights to the ACTS program, name and retreat materials. It has also established several regional ACTS Chapters under its direction to assist in the education, evangelization, and maintenance of the ACTS program.